Case Studies / Testimonials

The following patients had Multifocal Lens Implants for their cataract surgery:

Mr Chan is a delightful and interested person who really cares about his patients and knows his job well.

Ian H

Very charming and thoroughly professional – highly recommend


I found Mr Chan very professional helpful and careful to make sure that I was fully aware of the procedure and aftercare that was required. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Chan to anyone requiring his field of expertise.


I had eye surgery at Shawfair Hospital performed by Dr Chan. I was really impressed by the care and attention by Dr Chan and his team. The whole procedure was explained in detail by Dr Chan and the nurses were really pleasant and friendly making the experience very relaxing. The medication provided was explained and a copy of the instructions made it easy to follow. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr Chan and team to anyone having eye surgery.


Absolutely brilliant experience, I was well looked after from start to finish. I would have no problem recommending him. My eyes are better than I ever expected they would be. He made me feel at ease always letting you know what was happening during the surgery. I have had no pain or problems since my surgery and I am very pleased with the results. Anyone considering cataract surgery should go for it, it is well worth it.

Linda C

I was very pleased with the treatment i received at Shawfair hospital. I thought your explanation of the work you would do on my eyes was very clear so that I could understand it and wasn’t anxious about what was to happen. Likewise when you were operating it seemed clear what was happening which was reassuring. In the ward the staff were friendly which is just as it should be.

With Many Thanks

Margaret MacGregor

I saw Dr Chan regarding squint surgery as my left eye was very noticeably out of alignment. From first appointment to my final check up Dr Chan explained everything clearly, managed my expectations and was friendly and professional throughout. The surgery was arranged quickly and Dr Chan and the Spire staff looked after me extremely well. The result was beyond my expectations – I am very happy with the outcome, thank you so much Dr Chan


Mr Chan did a cataract operation on both eyes, 2 weeks apart. Both were very successful and Mr Chan undertook the surgery in what was (to me at least) a very skilled, empathetic and professional manner. What stood out for me was his words of comfort (particularly through the first operation) and letting me know what was going on. I also was impressed that he called me the day after both operations to make sure all was OK. The entire experience was excellent, and if anyone reads this who is worried about someone poking your eyes with a sharp stick, don’t be. The procedure is painless and doesn’t last too long. The difference in my eyesight is unbelievable and I’d like to thank Mr Chan and his team for their excellent care and professionalism.

Brian T

Dr Chan performed cataract surgery on my left eye. Throughout consultation , operation and after care he was always professional , empathetic and respectful! He delivered an excellent service, removed anxiety and has restored good vision. I have already recommended him to two of my friends who are contemplating the same treatment. A big thanks to him and his team at Spire.

Keith P

The experience was excellent. When a student nurse at St Mary’s, Paddington in the 1950s I witnessed the cataract operation in theatre and vowed I would never have that operation myself. But Mr Chan assured me so much had changed from that time. And it certainly had which I have been telling my friends. Most of all I was so taken with Mr Chan’s courtesy to his operating staff in theatre. Now, the recovery stage completed it is wonderful to see how I did thirty years ago. Many thanks to him and his very pleasant and kind nursing staff.


I recently had cataract operation by Dr Chan I have to say he was so lovely. He put me at me ease before and during operation and followed up the next day to make sure all was ok. Lovely man.


Dr Chan was very helpful prior to both of my eye operations and afterwards. Good communication and always responded to any questions I emailed etc.

Thank you Dr Chan


I was very pleased with the very professional and knowledgeable care from Mr Chan for recent cataract surgery (trifocal lens replacement). I was diagnosed with early onset cataracts (mid-40s) with high myopia. Dr Chan provided excellent care, ensuring I understood the procedure and possible side effects. The operations were successful and it has been quite literally life changing to not require glasses or contacts after 35 years! Mr Chan has provided thorough follow-up care. The service provided at the Shawfield Hospital was really excellent. I’d recommend Mr Chan to anyone requiring eye surgery.


Pre-operation information well prepared and presented, with excellent nurse attendance pre- and post-operation. Patient made comfortable and reassured. Successful surgery and the feeling of being in good hands. All in all, a very satisfactory experience.

Mr C. F.

My appointment was made to see Mr Chan at fairly short notice at end of 2020 and I was extremely happy to see him for my consultation within 2 weeks of appointment being made. I subsequently saw him again to have both my cataracts removed and replaced within 1 month of original appointment. All of the services he provided was entirely to my satisfaction and should it be necessary to see him further I would have no hesitation in doing so.

Mrs M. S.

I was referred to Dr Jonathan Chan following being diagnosed as Intermittent Angle Closure in both eyes by my optician.

Dr Chan following confirmation of my condition acted swiftly to reduce the risk to my vision whilst buying some time prior to lens replacement surgery.

I cannot express enough how completely satisfied and delighted I was in the speed of care and personal attention Dr Chan has given me. He was available 24/7 when I had any concerns. His knowledge, manner and professionalism is absolutely first class. He talked through every step of the process ensuring I had a full understanding of all of the procedures. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr Chan to any of my friends or contacts as he is a wonderful Ophthalmic Surgeon which I have been very fortunate to meet during this very unexpected and worrying part of my life .

Mrs H. B.

Since the operations the whole world is brighter looking forward towards my gardening and lawn bowls in several weeks.
Can’t thank Dr Chan enough

Mr D. P.

From the moment I picked up the phone to enquire about operations at Spire Healthcare to the completion of my two operations I received excellent care and attention.
Thank you Dr. Chan, Nurses and Administration staff. All was completed within one month.

Mrs M. J.

Mr R. had a history of high myopia (high short-sightedness) and astigmatism and since early childhood had been wearing strong prescription glasses. His vision deteriorated gradually over the previous year and breached DVLA driving standards. He underwent successful bilateral cataract surgery with special multifocal lens implantation under local anaesthetic. He is now totally glasses-free with no correction required for either distance vision (e.g. for driving), mid-range vision (e.g. computer work) or close-up vision (e.g. for reading). He is extremely happy with the outcome of his surgery and with the experience and management of his care.

MR J. R.

Mr McD is a farmer who came to see me because his deteriorating vision was causing him difficulty driving his tractors on the farm. He underwent successful cataract surgery with multifocal lens implants and was very pleased with the resulting unaided vision of 6/5 distance vision and N4 reading vision.

MR J. McD.

Mr F is a retired pensioner with a history of optic nerve damage from past treatment for a pituitary tumour. He had recently developed cataracts and subsequently failed his driving test. He underwent successful bilateral cataract surgery with multifocal lens implants which resulted in very good vision and enabled him to regain his driving licence and his independence.

MR E. F.

Mrs W. had developed dense cataracts in both eyes and her poor vision was depriving her of her enjoyment of reading and watching television. She underwent successful bilateral cataract surgery with multifocal lens implantation and now is glasses-free and once more enjoying her hobbies and her daily activities.


Mr W. L., had his reading vision compromised by the development of cataracts in both eyes and the latest glasses from his own optician were not helping. He had successful bilateral cataract surgery with multifocal lens implants and was very happy with the visual outcome.

The following patients had Monofocal Lens Implants (i.e. this corrects distance vision only and so reading glasses are required even after successful surgery).

Mr W. L.

MRS S. had developed cataracts in both eyes. She had a history of a divergent ‘lazy eye’ during childhood, which, in spite of squint surgery and patching treatment elsewhere, retained poor vision. As the visual potential of that eye was poor, she underwent cataract surgery with implantation on her fellow eye. This resulted in a very good visual outcome on her only ‘good’ eye and she was extremely happy with the surgical outcome.


Mr C. had a very complex ophthalmic history which included dense cataracts, glaucoma and pseudoexfoliation syndrome. He was also on oral Tamsulosin medication (for his bladder problem) and this drug is known to increase the risk of surgical complications during cataract surgery. He underwent successful bilateral cataract surgery with implantation and was very pleased with the visual outcome.

MR R. C.

Mr M. was originally referred to me for deteriorating vision in the right eye which was thought to be due to lens capsule thickening following right cataract surgery in another unit a few years previously. During my examination, I found that the cause of his poor vision in the right eye was in fact a retinal detachment and referred him immediately for retinal surgery. After his recovery from this, he underwent cataract surgery on the fellow eye. This also corrected his high myopia and he is now glasses-free for distance and is very happy with the visual result.

MR E. M.

Mrs S. had a longstanding history of poor vision in both eyes due to macular degeneration. Her local eye department had actually discharged her and had recommended for her not to have cataract surgery because her visual prognosis was very poor due to the macular degeneration.

I discussed with her at length how, although the macular degeneration appeared advanced, the cataracts were also very dense and on balance, there was a good possibility of some visual gain following cataract surgery. She decided to proceed with bilateral cataract surgery with implantation and is now extremely pleased to be able to see 6/9 unaided distance vision.

Mrs J. S.