Eyelid Cysts

Eyelid Cyst and Removal in Scotland

What is a Chalazion, or eyelid cyst?

A Chalazion, or inner-eyelid cyst, is a small sac of fluid that develops on the inside of the eyelid. It can grow to the size of a pea and is often initially mistaken as a stye.

It is caused by a blocked gland in the eyelid and if large in size, can affect vision and become uncomfortable.

Treatment and removal of eyelid cysts

Chalazions often heal themselves or can be treated with a combination of warm compresses and antibiotic ointment. If the cyst does not respond to this, or has become large and affecting your vision, you may be recommended to have a surgical procedure to remove it.

Before the procedure, I will meet with you for a consultation in which we will discuss your medical history and talk through any concerns or questions you may have.

The procedure itself is relatively simple; the eyelid is first numbed and then a small incision is made to release the fluid within the cyst. The incision is made on the inside of the eyelid to avoid any visible scarring. This should rapidly relieve the inflammation and the eyelid will heal on its own.

The procedure is usually carried out as an outpatient and you can go home as soon as you’re ready. You may need to wear an eye patch for a few hours or overnight and therefore will need someone to drive you home.


It is important to keep your eye dry and clean after the procedure, and you may find that it is sore and swollen for a short time. You may need to take painkillers to ease discomfort and use antibiotic ointment to prevent infection, but we will discuss this before you leave the hospital.

You will be advised to avoid swimming and other activities until your surgeon says that it is safe to do so.

In rare cases, the cyst may return and require a further operation. If you require eyelid cyst removal in Scotland, please get in touch for a consultation.